Office massage

What is office massage?
Office massage is relaxing-energetic massage. It is performed while seated on a special ergonomic chair, the client stays fully clothed.  We don’t use oils or other tools, massage is done through the clothes. It doesn’t require any preparation what eliminates the time between 2 massages and the employees don’t waste time outside of their work place. The place needed is cca 1x2 meters in a quiet location.

Special touches release step by step the parts most affected by stress – back, neck, shoulders, forearms, palms and hairy scalp. Massage on a chair uses combination of Shia-tsu technique and acupressure of meridians (body energy channels).  The aim of the massage is strengthen “Tchi”- the vital energy flow – which harmonizes the whole body. 15 minutes chair massage reduces level of physical and mental stress and consequently significantly increases alertness, attention and productivity of the employee after the chair massage.

How long massage is recommended?

Office massage usually takes 10-15 minutes, but you can choose between 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes. Length of the massage is usually chosen according to the number of employees you would like to serve. The most common ones are 10 and 15 minutes massages as they provide desired effect and within 1 hour 4 to 6 employees can enjoy the relaxing treatment. So within 1 business day you can serve 32 to 48 employees, which makes this method one of most effective – time and money wise.

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